Group Fitness Instructor- Studio Red Coach

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Group Fitness Instructor- Studio Red Coach

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Job Description

STUDIO RED Coaches at VASA Fitness are qualified Group Fitness Instructors who deliver an energetic and motivating high-intensity interval training workout, while providing an exceptional member experience. They are friendly, high energy, knowledgeable fitness professionals who motivate and support members in a fun, results-driven workout experience.


  • Consistently provide an exceptional and memorable fitness experience to all STUDIO members by exemplifying VASA's values.
  • Be punctual and prepared, ensuring the room is set up and members are greeted at the door to start class on time.
  • Safely and accurately demonstrate exercises with correct form and ensure members' safety regarding exercise technique.
  • Provide excellent customer service by promptly responding to member needs and concerns.
  • Actively engage in the class, moving around the room while leading, coaching, and motivating members throughout the workout.
  • Appropriately recommend relevant VASA Fitness products and amenities that meet members' needs.
  • Actively invite and encourage non-STUDIO members to attend STUDIO RED classes to build STUDIO membership and class attendance.
  • Coach individuals at their fitness levels, providing modifications when needed, to ensure each member feels successful, supported, and included as part of the VASA community.
  • Monitor effort and encourage participants using Myzone technology.
  • Ability to multitask, showing positive and motivating communication skills.
  • Execute post-class procedures, including cleaning, sanitizing, and organizing to provide a safe, clean, and bright environment.
  • Engage with social media to promote the STUDIO product, invite your followers to your STUDIO RED classes, and celebrate member wins.
  • Be open to coaching feedback and take necessary action to continue growing.
  • Will to take classes from other STUDIO RED coaches to improve skills.


  • Competitive hourly compensation.
  • Healthcare benefits for employees working 20+ hours per week.
  • Two complimentary gym memberships.
  • 401k options.
  • Paid Time Off for 30+ hours per week employees.
  • Flexible Vacation Plan for 40 hours per week employees.
  • Paid Parental Leave for 30+ hours per week employees.
  • Paid Holidays for 40 hours per week employees.