How to Watch Premier League Live in Mobile

Watching the Premier League live on mobile transforms any location into a front-row seat to the most thrilling football matches. This article provides a clear guide on legally streaming these games on your mobile device. 

Discover the best apps and services that offer seamless access to live matches. Ensure you never miss a goal and enjoy every play with just a few taps.


Mobile Sports Streaming

The trend of watching sports on mobile devices is rising. These devices offer fans flexibility and access from anywhere. More viewers choose their smartphones as the primary means of following sports, including football. 

This shift has significantly impacted how broadcasters and leagues distribute their content. As a result, mobile streaming has become a pivotal platform for sports entertainment.

Legal Streaming Importance

It’s vital to use legal streams to ensure ongoing support for sports leagues and the integrity of the content. Legal streaming contributes to the revenue of sports organizations, which is crucial for the sport’s development. 


By choosing authorized services, fans help sustain the quality and availability of sports broadcasts. This support helps maintain a robust ecosystem for both viewers and creators.

Using Official Broadcaster Apps

Official broadcaster apps are essential for accessing real-time sports content directly on mobile devices. These platforms offer fans a legal and high-quality viewing experience.

CBS Sports

CBS Sports is a leading broadcaster offering extensive coverage of major sports events. Their app provides direct access to live matches and sports news.


CBS Sports App Features

It ensures that fans do not miss any live action, offering extensive coverage of Premier League games. Subscribers can stream matches directly on their mobile devices through their user-friendly app. 

Subscription plans vary, offering options for different user needs and budgets. The app also provides real-time scores, updates, and expert analysis, enhancing the viewing experience. 

Customer support and user interface design are tailored to ensure a smooth and enjoyable user journey. Overall, CBS Sports delivers an exceptional sports streaming service.

Where to Download?

The CBS Sports app is available for download on App Store and Google Play. Users can easily find it searching for “CBS Sports” in their respective app stores.


ESPN remains a powerhouse in sports broadcasting, known for its comprehensive coverage and in-depth analysis. Their mobile app extends this expertise to viewers on the go.

ESPN App Coverage

ESPN covers a wide range of sports, including football, with special features on the Premier League. The ESPN app allows users to stream games live and offers a variety of subscription models to suit different preferences. 

Subscribers can enjoy high-definition streaming, expert commentary, and access to exclusive content. The app also includes game highlights, player statistics, and league standings. 

ESPN’s commitment to quality sports journalism is evident in the detailed content and analysis provided. The platform is designed for ease of use, ensuring a positive user experience from anywhere.

App Download Instructions

The ESPN app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. Search for “ESPN” to locate and install the app on your mobile device.

Dedicated Soccer Streaming Services

Specialized platforms cater to soccer fans, offering targeted services that enhance the viewing experience. These services provide legal access to matches and comprehensive coverage of major leagues.

Live Soccer TV

It stands out as a hub for soccer broadcasting, aggregating legal streaming sources. The service ensures fans have reliable access to live matches.

Features of Live Soccer TV

It specializes in compiling legal streaming options for soccer enthusiasts. It provides detailed schedules and real-time updates on where to watch games, including Premier League clashes. 

The platform covers a variety of international leagues, ensuring fans never miss a match. Its comprehensive approach helps users quickly find the best legal streams available.

How to Access Live Soccer TV?

To access Live Soccer TV, visit their website or download their app from the App Store or Google Play. Their platform is designed to guide users smoothly to live sports content.

La Liga TV 

While primarily focused on Spanish football, La Liga TV occasionally covers other major leagues. The service is renowned for its comprehensive soccer content.

Coverage on La Liga TV

Though La Liga TV is tailored mainly for La Liga fans, it occasionally features games from the Premier League. This service provides a robust option for comprehensive soccer coverage, ensuring enthusiasts can access a wide range of football content

Viewers can enjoy high-quality broadcasts and detailed game analyses. It serves as a one-stop destination for diverse soccer broadcasts.

How to Install La Liga TV?

Download the app from the App Store or Google Play to access La Liga TV directly. It offers a portal to extensive soccer coverage.

Free and Legal Streaming Options

Free streaming services can also offer legal access to sports content, providing a cost-effective solution for fans. These platforms ensure viewers can follow their favorite sports without compromising legal standards.


It provides a free and legal streaming platform focusing on quality and accessibility. It is particularly useful for viewers who want to follow sports without a subscription.

LiveNetTV Services

It offers a selection of channels that stream Premier League games legally. This service ensures that fans can access live matches safely and without cost. 

The platform prioritizes legality and safety, guiding users to legitimate content sources. LiveNetTV’s approach is integral for fans seeking accessibility and adherence to broadcasting laws.

Downloading LiveNetTV

To download LiveNetTV, search for the app on Google Play. Ensure you access the official version to enjoy safe and legal sports streaming.

Comprehensive Sports Packages

Comprehensive digital TV packages provide broad access to various sports channels, including those broadcasting top-tier football games. These packages are also available on mobile devices through dedicated apps, enhancing viewers’ accessibility.

  • Many satellite and cable providers offer digital TV packages, including sports channels broadcasting Premier League matches.
  • Subscribers can watch these games on their mobile devices using the provider’s official app.
  • This mobile access lets fans catch live football action directly from their smartphones or tablets.
  • Providers often offer features like live streaming, game replays, and exclusive sports content, making these packages a valuable option for sports enthusiasts.

Using VPNs for Legal Access

VPNs can provide access to subscription services outside your geographical area, which can be legal if done within the terms of service agreed with the provider. This method ensures that you respect the broadcasting rights that vary by region. 

Choosing reputable VPN services and being transparent with your service provider about VPN use is important. This approach helps maintain access to international sports broadcasts without infringing on legal restrictions.

The Bottom Line: Your Guide to Watching Premier League on Mobile

The options for watching Premier League live on mobile are diverse, catering to all types of football fans. From official broadcaster apps to comprehensive digital TV packages and even free legal streaming services, there is a solution for everyone. Utilizing VPNs legally extends your reach, ensuring you never miss a match, regardless of your location. 

You enjoy high-quality entertainment and support the sports industry by choosing legitimate streaming methods. Embrace modern technology’s flexibility and convenience to enhance your football viewing experience.

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